Inserter Control System

  • The last inserter operating system youwill ever need to buy
  • All of our Inserter Control Systems since the first delivered in 1995 are Still supported with free upgrades if the customer is covered or purchases a support contract.
  • Uses single MS Windows OS PC.
  • All non-proprietary hardware.
  • SQL Database to store data
  • Modular and expandable at time of purchase or any time in the future.


Stand-alone Stack Sortation System

(Does not directly interface to inserter controls) Mirasort runs on a PC to interface directly to stackers on non-Miracom controled inserter systems or directly connected to the press, allowing the creation of key and custom bundles from entered or downloaded manifest data.


MiraSERT Stacker interface modules

Controls stackers to create custom bundles based on zone information from the inserter or address labeling programs. There are two versions available to meet any of your requirements. MiraBUNDLE-Route Comprehensive Stacker Interface MiraBUNDLE-Zone Basic Stacker interface control


Interface to zone Ad-note Applicators

MiraAPPLY will interface the MiraSERT inserter control to your Ad-note applicator to automatically turn and off for zoning purposes.

MiraLABEL Software will allow you to print address or product coding information directly on newspapers or packages


NEW Cloud Based Planning and Inventory Systems

Offered as “Software as a service” to eliminate large up-front costs associated with other systems.


MiraPACKAGE – Planning

A comprehensive Insert Package and Product Planning system that will interface with your existing order entry and circulation systems and give you the ability to plan, control, and report on every aspect of your production and distribution.


MiraSTORE – Inventory

Keep track of Inserts from the initial order, receiving, warehousing, and insertion. While originally designed for inserts, customers have found this to be useful for inventory control of all warehouse items.


Ink jet Printing Head

MiraJET is an industrial ink jet print head that can be used for printing addresses or labels directly on papers, products, or bundles during the production process.




MiraLABEL Software will allow you to print address or product coding information directly on newspapers or packages



MiraWRAP Bundle-wrap labeler interface software will allow you to print real-time information on bundles, skids, or carts.



Bundle Distribution System and loading dock automation

MiraDOCK is a bundle-distribution and loading dock management system that tracks bundles as they are ejected out of stackers and delivers them to the appropriate loading dock. Available for belts with diverters or pushers as well as tray operated systems.